Szegedi 80 – Hungarian Pepper Seeds Sweet


Seed content: 110-130 seeds, 1 gramm.



Szegedi 80 Sweet Hungarian Paprika/Pepper Seeds from the region of Szeged. High pigment content is it’s earmark. Can be sown directly into soil, or precultivated in a greenhouse. The fruits are in hanging position, appr. 10-12 cm long (3.9-4.7 inch). This species is the most common in South Hungary.

Regarded as a hallmark of quality and flavor in Hungary, Szeged Sweet Paprika derives its name from the renowned paprika-producing city of Szeged. With a rich tradition of cultivation and production, this paprika variety embodies the essence of exceptional taste. Experience the authentic flavors that have made Szeged Sweet Paprika a beloved ingredient in Hungarian cuisine, adding depth and character to your dishes. Elevate your culinary creations with this exquisite spice that carries the legacy of Szeged’s paprika heritage.

Discover Szegedi 80 paprika—meticulously crafted from ripe red peppers, offering vibrant color and subtle spiciness for flavorful meals.

Enhance your Hungarian dishes with Szegedi 80 paprika’s fiery heat and exquisite flavor. It is also a popular ingredient in traditional Hungarian dishes such as goulash and paprikash.

Highly esteemed for its exceptional quality, Szegedi 80 paprika holds the distinguished status of a protected designation of origin (PDO) product within the European Union. This prestigious recognition guarantees exclusive cultivation and production of this paprika in the Szeged region, employing time-honored traditional methods. Embrace the essence of authenticity as you savor the flavors of Szegedi 80 paprika, a spice that embodies the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the Szeged region. Savor the unmistakable taste achieved through meticulous cultivation and production practices upheld in this renowned Hungarian paprika’s PDO status. This ensures that the paprika maintains its unique flavor and character.

Hungarian Pepper Seeds Sweet szegedi 80 is a great choice for your garden.

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