Totál – Sweet Hungarian Pepper Seeds


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Excellent for Stuffed Peppers!

Seed content: 110-130 seeds.


Totál Hungarian Paprika/Pepper seeds. The white, sweet fruits of this variety are ideal for fresh consumption in salads or sandwiches, and they also excel as a vegetable for pickling purposes. In Hungary we make stuffed Paprikas of these (the same filling as in stuffed cabbage, mostly cooked with rice, minced flesh and spices). Not sensitive for shadowy circumstances, it is resistant against the tobacco-mosaic virus.

Grown in Hungary, Fehér TV paprika, also known as white TV paprika, derives its name from the unique pale color achieved through its distinctive processing method.

By grinding white or pale yellow peppers harvested before full ripening, it produces a fine powder used as a spice in Hungarian cuisine.

Chefs and home cooks highly prize this paprika variety for its delicate and slightly sweet flavor, which is renowned for enhancing the subtle nuances of mild dishes like white stews and soups. Its versatility extends to adding a hint of sweetness and vibrant color to sauces and dressings, expanding culinary possibilities.

The paprika is a unique and flavorful ingredient that adds a distinctive taste and appearance to dishes. Although not as widely recognized as other Hungarian paprika varieties, chefs and home cooks highly appreciate its value.

Totál Hungarian Pepper Seeds are always a perfect choice for your garden.

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