Vikica paprika – Sweet


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Step into a world of award-winning flavor with our remarkable creation, Vikica Hungarian Paprika. Recently crowned with the prestigious Great Taste Awards of this year, Vikica is not just a paprika – it’s an embodiment of exceptional taste and culinary distinction.
Sweet ground paprika
100g / 3.53 oz


Handmade Hungarian Paprika from the district of Kalocsa, 2 Star Great Taste Award winner in London.

Produced exclusively from home-grown Paprika Plants from the Terroir of Fajsz. The Nutrient-Rich Alluvial soil of the Danube, rigorous quality control, decades of planting and production experience and traditional production processes ensure our Paprika’s Premium quality as well as exclusivity of our products.

The recent recognition by the Great Taste Awards is a testament to Vikica’s unparalleled quality. Its rich color, enticing aroma, and complex flavor profile have garnered the appreciation of discerning taste buds and culinary experts alike. Whether you’re preparing a classic Hungarian dish or experimenting with international cuisines, Vikica is your trusted companion to transform every meal into a memorable masterpiece.

Elevate your gastronomic experiences with the touch of excellence that Vikica Hungarian Paprika brings. Join the ranks of those who savor nothing but the best, and let your dishes resonate with the award-winning essence of Vikica.

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