Paprika Quiz

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Quiz Rules

  1. Time Limit: Participants will have a total of 5 minutes to answer all 12 questions in the quiz.

  2. Questions: There will be 12 multiple-choice questions, with both correct and incorrect answer choices.

  3. Scoring: Participants will earn one point for each correct answer and no points for incorrect answers.

  4. Winning Criteria: To be eligible for the 10% coupon, participants must answer all 12 questions correctly.

  5. Coupon Reward: Participants who answer all questions correctly within the time limit will receive a 10% discount coupon for your webshop that can be applied to their purchases.

  6. Multiple Attempts: Participants can attempt the quiz multiple times to improve their score and earn the coupon.

  7. Timing: The 5-minute timer will start when the participant begins the quiz.

  8. Results: Participants will receive their quiz results immediately after completion. If they achieve a perfect score, they will be prompted to claim their 10% coupon.

  9. Coupon Redemption: Participants can redeem their 10% coupon on your webshop by entering the provided coupon code during the checkout process.

  10. This coupon will be valid until 2024 Jan. 1.