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Guarantee, Shipping and Returns


We have the best producers of paprika as suppliers to us. Our wholesellers has been in bussiness for more than hundred years, and all has HACCP classification for processing food, ISO 22 000 Food security controling system, and IFS FOOD  classification for international standards. They offer the highest quality paprika, and we control their deliveries frekvently. 

We accept returns if you are not satisfied with the product. You simply send back the products, and we transfer the money to your bank account, as soon as we received the return shipment. We appreciate if you write a few words about the reason why you returned the goods. Cash on delivery returns will not be accepted, only simple shipments.

 General delivery terms:

Ordered goods will be delivered by the Netherlands Post Office, as a registered shipment. It may take 2-6 weeks to arrive, so be patient. 

FREE Shipping limit is 100 euro

Shipping rates:                                                        

up to 50 grams                          10 EUR                                 

up to 250 grams/8.82 oz          15 EUR                                     

up to 500 grams/17.64 oz        20 EUR                                                                

up to 2000 grams/70.54 oz     30 EUR                                     

Above 2 kg (2000 gram, 70,6 oz) cotact us for the best shipping rates.