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Capsaicin in Paprika helps to burn fat effectively

Capsaicin in Paprika helps to burn fat effectively



Capsaicin in Paprika helps you lose weight effectively like nothing else

If all goes well, within a few years from now, we'll see a weight loss supplement which will be more effective than any other similar products you have known until now/ weight loss drogs of our knowledge until today. According to researchers at Wyoming University, the capsaicin accelerates the metabolism in a way that we don't need to reduce/cut calories to achieve weight loss.

 Wyoming University

The recipe for effective weight loss is simple:

less intake of energy (calories) during the day, than the body requires or using up the excess energy by doing some sport. We wish it was that simple. There's the taste of food and the pleasure of eating, and our intake of energy is more than the amount the body requires. We know that, we are all humans. Therefore the most of us need  help. We are basically lazy.


The above described method, although undoubtedly effective, has two pitfalls. First of all, reducing the intake of calories in longer periods needs strong will, which most of us doesn't have.  Secondly, our joy hormone system gives positive feedback to our brain with the intake of salty-sugary-fatty things. For this reason it is much more difficult to stop the consumption of these kinds of food, in fact, we may even develop food addictions as well.

The food industry knows about this,

and adding additives to food like sugar-salt or MSG, the most common flavor enhancer to lure and stimulates our brain to feel pleasure, and the result is that we eat more than we need to.

 Food Industry

The Wyoming University research team

seems to unlock this irresolvable problem. Using only peppers, they proved that capsaicin effectively blocked the cell membrane protein called TRPV1. Why is it so important? We know that the white fat tissue in our body is responsible for energy storage, and it is very difficult to get rid of the energy stored in the white fat tissue. The brown fat tissue however is the calorie burning tissue. Children and hibernating animal's body have lots of brown fat tissue, unfortunatelly this brown fat tissue dissapears from the adult body. The researchers’ theory is that this process can be reversed! The key can be the Capsaicin, the red pepper.


Eating good and loosing weight. What could be better?


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